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PlayStation 4: It’s just a perfect day

The first official PlayStation 4 video advertisement is out and it is quirky and fun
2013/10/15 05:00:00 PM

In Other News – 15 October 2013

It’s beginning to look a lot like fancy dress time. Sure, it may be an American tradition, but where else are you going to find the time to dress up as a slutty whatever? Trust me, it doesn’t work out so hot in real life. I’m adding a thing to my Ghostbusters suit for a […]
2013/10/15 04:00:00 PM

Beyond: Two Souls review – Paranormal interactivity

We take a look at Beyond: Two Souls, one of the most gorgeous experiences on the PlayStation 3. But is it even a game?
2013/10/15 03:30:00 PM

Knock Knock makes me scream like a girl

We play through indie horror game, Knock Knock
2013/10/15 03:00:58 PM

There’s a ton of Kingdom Hearts content on the way

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix is out right now? Not enough for you though? Well good news, as a second remastered game is on the way before the the third core game arrives.
2013/10/15 02:30:00 PM

The PlayStation 4’s “Red Line of Death”

Is the PlayStation 4 prone to overheating? Probably not, but hear's a picture of one that has overheated.
2013/10/15 02:00:00 PM

Who’s who in SA Indie game development?

Inndie game developers in South Africa are hard to find, until now
2013/10/15 01:30:01 PM

Make unlimited money in GTA V online, but be careful

Need more money in GTA V online? Simply follow this tutorial but beware it may get you banned
2013/10/15 01:00:00 PM

Atomic Ninjas review – pint-sized pirate killers

Want some pint-sized ninja action in your life? This is Atomic Ninjas.
2013/10/15 12:30:00 PM

Try to end the Undertaker’s streak in WWE 2K14

In WWE 2K14, you’re going to get a chance to end the winning streak of the dead man, the Undertaker.
2013/10/15 12:00:00 PM
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