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  Riot gets lucky with Jinx video...

PlayStation 4: It’s just a perfect day In Other News – 15 October 2013 Beyond: Two Souls review – Paranormal interactivity Knock Knock makes me scream like a girl There’s a ton of Kingdom Hearts content on the way The PlayStation 4’s “Red Line of Death” Who’s who in SA Indie game development? Make unlimited money in GTA V online, but be careful Atomic Ninjas review – pint-sized pirate killers Try to end the Undertaker’s streak in WWE 2K14 More US gamers play on Xbox 360 than PS3 Kenway’s story revealed in Assassin’s Creed IV trailer Modern Final Fantasy games are years away from coming to mobile Dragon Age relationships grow up Ubisoft: A competition with a Crew This is how the Xbox One friends list works PlayStation 4 price drop over at Amazon In Other News – 14 October 2013 Memoria Review: Remember Everything Want a GTA V ‘Body Bag’ sleeping bag? Meet the Electrocutioner in Batman: Arkham Origins Soma, new survival horror hitting PC and PS4 Cyberpunk 2077 will ‘probably’ come to Xbox One and PS4 Project C.A.R.S: Does it make next-gen racing look silly? Pokemon X and Y – Quick tips Hey, these new Call of Duty adverts are kinda funny League of Legends limited skins make their return Sony Australia pulls off a master class in good PR Star Citizen: Space’s most popular ship Xbox One breakthrough product of 2013 eSports weekend extravaganza This is how the Steam Controller works The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings in next year Kevin Butler is back… no wait this isn’t right Match 1: Energy takes down Quetzal Why SteelSeries has its eye on SA Watch South Africa take on Israel and Denmark in League of Legends tonight Watch Grant Hinds play Assassin’s Creed IV on the PS4 In Other News – 11 October 2013 Weekend Edition Xbox One vs PS4 in video form Saints Row 4's Enter the Dominatrix DLC arrives this month The Evopoints downloads of the week – 11/10/2013 DGC dominated by big names Crytek Warface included sexualised characters by request Raising the Bar: A Half-Life fan film The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 11 October 2013 This weekend the best in South Africa take on the best in Mexico at DOTA 2 Call of Duty: Ghosts Clan Trailer Current headsets wont work with the PS4 FFD: What shall we make our intern do? Pokémon X and Y – Each Pokémon took 3-6 months to develop Want to play The Witcher for free? Rocksmith 2014 can make you a guitar god Xbox One + Top Gear + The Stig = Heaven This terrifying Joker cosplay ain’t no laughing matter In Other News – 10 October 2013 Homegrown Hottie Edition Forza Motorsport 5: Hands On, Assists Off – A Hardcore Perspective Here’s a list of things that the GTA Online patch fixes PlayStation 4 is the most influential tech of 2013 There are too many franchises and sequels PlayStation 4’s made with cheap slave labour? Samuel L Jackson loans his voice to Heroes of Newerth Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (10 October 2013) Yes, Steam Machines will use AMD too Best Final Fantasy coming to mobile THQ is suing EA and the UFC New The Order: 1886 details surface Here is the game you need the Xbox One for Why the PlayStation 4’s camera isn’t bundled Challenge everything in this first gameplay video for Thief Chicago was the only city for Watch Dogs In Other News – 09 October 2013 6 things we want from Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars The Division’s development is divided GTA V has 7 world records Square Enix goes indie How to cheat in GTA Online. Rockstar please fix this Pokémon X and Y – Is Pikachu getting a mega-evolution? PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One, which one will you get? Watch Dogs – Better on the Wii U

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