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Welcome back...

Welcome to the Gears of War 2 Tournament, Brought to you by Gamerlobby in association with The Lair. This is the second Gears tournament we will be bringing to you, and this one promises to be tougher than before!

As with all our tournaments we take great pride in bringing you the very best in competitive gaming, with experienced tournament managers and Referee's we do our very best to insure fair play throughout the tournament.

How does it all work?

For this tournament we'll be combining 2 tournament types. for the first set of rounds we will be competing in a round robin style tournament this will act as the qualifying round.

it's important to note that we can only accept 32 teams to the tournament.

Once all points have been accumulated we will take the qualifing teams through to the next round, and the rest will be dropped from the tournament.

In this second stage of the tournament we get into a more serious single elimination tournament whereby only the top 2 teams from each match will stay in the game, so you really need to be on your toes this is going to be a tough game to stay in.

The final stages will see a single elimination style tournament where placement is important not points.

Again this is going to be an intense competition and you're in it to win it all. Good luck to those who are keen to participate.

Big Thanks

Gamerlobby wishes to thank Knave, for allowing us to use their epic music for our Gears of War 2 Tournament Trailer.
Knave - PolarityKnave's Polarity album is available online (iTunes, Napster), join their facebook group and be sure to check for their next album coming soon

For more info on knave visit their Facebook page / MySpace

Important Info

Registrations: Open
Registrations closes: 16th Oct
Tournament Starts: 19th Oct

There are SET Match days please make sure you're available to play. Participants are only accepted into the tournament once payment has been made! check the roster for your status


REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN, so if you have a partner and think you have what it takes then get ready for the touranament of your life!

Please note: both members of a team need to be registered on Gamerlobby before registering.

Need some practice?

Get into the game setup some lobbies on gamerlobby and get practicing.

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What's the prize?

This year, we thought we'd try something new and a little more exciting. For this years prize we will be giving away CASH, how much is dependant on how many teams enter the tournament.

Here's how it works: For each team that enters the tournament, R65 from the teams entry fee(Entry fee is R100 per team) will go towards the prize. i.e. 6 teams enter: 10teams x R65 = R650 / 20teams x R65 = R1300

We're banking that we will possibly get 32 teams to participate in this years tournament bringing the possible value of the cash prize to:

R2040 for the Winning Team